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Umfjöllun um tengsl Íslendinga og Rússa úr rússnesku dagblaði

Eyjan fann þessa áhugaverðu grein sem birtist í rússneska dagblaðinu New Times í dag. Í greininni er m.a. fjallað um tengsl Björgúlfsfeðganna við Ísland, sendinefndina sem hélt utan til samningaviðræðna og fleira. Greinin er þýdd með Google translation forritinu.

Umfjöllunina í heild sinni er að finna hér.

The ex-president Leonid Kuchma diminish Russia help Ukraine, affected by the crisis. Does he know anything about the dirty schemes behind this assistance. Superficial analysis shows that it is better that we do not need assistance. In Iceland, in any case, the more they will know the details, so are sad.

Negotiations between Moscow and Reykjavik on the allocation of credit are becoming more intriguing. First, there is information that the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank agreed to lend Icelanders € 4 billion But on Friday, a source at the White House said «Interfax», that «the Government still insufficient grounds for allocating credit». In the contradictions of Russian charity had tried to journalists.
Icelandic delegation worked in Moscow for a week. The talks were conducted with the Ministry of Finance and Central. In this island of troops was strictly secret – journalists only reported that a delegation headed by Director of the Department of International Operations of CB Iceland Sigurdur Sturla Palsson. However, sources at the Central Bank of Iceland correspondent of The New Times in Reykjavik, it became known that the delegation also included director of Department of Financial Ministry of Finance of Iceland Thor Steinar Sveynsson, economist Daniel Svavarsson Securities, an investment adviser Sigurdur Ingolfsson and lawyer Tatyana Zharov.

The reasons why Moscow has been considering the salvation of the Icelandic economy, while in Russia itself is about to hit all seem strange only to the uninitiated. Tour into the past of prominent Icelandic financiers, whose banks were bankrupt, and their relationship with the largest Russian Others Firm Flotation and the first country explains a lot.

Offshore Scheme

In autumn 2006 the Danish Ekstra Bladet published a series of materials on the relationship between one of the largest industrial companies Iceland – a group of «Baugur» (Baugur Group), Icelandic «Kaupting Bank» (Kaupthing Bank), five offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and a number of major Russian holding companies . Among the documents collected by Danish journalists stood next scheme.

In 1998, Virgin offshore companies Shapburg limited and Quenon investments limited set up in Luxembourg two companies – Compagnie Financiere pour l’Atlantique du Nord and Compagnie Financiere Scandinave. (After a month Compagnie Financiere Scandinave was renamed the Scandinavian Holding, and another later-in Meidur Holding SA.) Another company, Compagnie Financiere pour l’Atlantique du Nord, in March 2000 changed its name to Gaumur Holding ( «Gaymur Holding»), which now controls 20% of the Icelandic «Baugur».

A further proved that the Virgin offshore Shapburg and Quenon become the link between the Icelandic business and some major Russian companies. For example, the state diamond company ALROSA registered in Luxembourg subsidiary company «ALROSA Finance». Minority shareholders «ALROSA Finance» serves the same Virginia Shapburg limited, but as the administrator of the Luxembourg Alrosa, another member of the tax havens Quenon investments limited. And the same offshore Shapburg is one of the two founders of the Luxembourg company’s Alfa finance holdings SA, native «daughters» Russia’s Alfa-Bank (another founder of the Luxembourg «Alpha» – Gibraltar company AV Holdindgs limited-according to Danish media, owned by Michael Friedman). In autumn 2006, the Danish journalists have written to President Vladimir Putin in which he posed the question, does not know whether it was a coincidence the real owners of Virgin ofshorov Shapburg limited and Quenon investments. The Russian leader responded in silence.

St. Petersburg connection

But Vladimir Putin could tell the Danish journalists a lot of interesting things. In the early 1990’s, when the ex-president and current Prime worked as the head of the Committee on External Economic Relations (FAC), the Municipality of Saint Petersburg, his responsibilities included including Russian-registered foreign companies. From July 1991 to June 1996, headed by Vladimir Putin, the Committee had registered about 9 thousand of joint companies. Among the co-owners or top managers of these companies could find a very famous people today, such as: Dmitry Medvedev, Viktor Ivanov, Boris Gryzlov and Sergei Mironov, Dmitry Kozak, Vladimir Kozhin with wife, Patrusheva husband Nicholas, Gennady Timchenko, Vladimir Yakunin, brothers Andrei and Sergei Fursenko, Leonid Reiman to now ex-wife Julia Poltava.

Less known to Western contractors of these companies. For example, in December 1992, the FAC St. Petersburg mayor’s office has registered a company CJSC «Boltik International» (registration number 3303-AOL), founded by Victor Anitsev and steel company Baltic Group Limited, registered in the anonymous mailbox in the town of Kin Town – the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Virginia offshore belonged – Attention! – Bergolfuru Gudmundsson (Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson) and his son Bergolfuru Toru Bergolfssonu (Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson). Now, father and son headed the list of the richest people of Iceland: a son, according to the «Forbes», was the first dollar billionaires and – again attention! – Co-owner of two (of three) grohnuvshihsya, banks Iceland: «Landsban ethicists» (Landsbanki) – desolate, and «Kaupting Bank»-take control of the state.

In June 1993, the FAC St. Petersburg mayor’s office has registered a company CJSC «Boltik botling Plant» (BBP) (certificate number AOL-5108). The company was incorporated as much twice with an interval of two weeks in two different areas, with a few different proportions founding in the capital and two different addresses. The founders were made by three legal entities and two individuals. Legal persons – is Russia’s OJSC «Rehabilitation and Mechanical Plant» and two foreign firms: the already mentioned Virgin Icelandic «Baltic Group» (Baltic Group Limited) and registered numernoy on the mailbox in Reykjavik company «Viking bruiri Limited» (Viking Brewery Ltd) . «Bruiri» in the translation from English-«Brewery»: it will then successfully cook beer in St. Petersburg. And individuals Founding registered FAC St. Petersburg company became director of Rehabilitation and Mechanical Plant (RMZ) Gennady Chomsky and the same now bankrupt banker Bergolfur Gudmundsson.

In March 1995, was established by another company – OOO «Mall« ROSA »(Liteiny Ave, 41), which is less than a year, in February 1996 th, changed the name and address – became known as OOO« Bravo »- and Remmehzavoda moved into the territory, and its leader became Magnus Torsteyns-son, friend and companion is already familiar to us Gudmundsson and Bergolfssona. The next step was the establishment in August 1996, OOO «Bravo International» (December 1997-JSC «Bravo International»). Co-founders made 6 registered at the same address in the Cyprus town of Limassol. President of the company – all the same incredibly active Icelander Tor Bergolfsson.

Finally, in March 1997 the first was established yet and CJSC «Bravo service» (founders – the company «Hyudzh Holding Limited» (one of the same six-Cypriot) and «Bravo International». Gendirektorom the company was Sergei Sanne, now occupies the post of Director Social Policy Ltd. «Evrazholding». Firma «Bravo International» successfully varila beer «Bochkarev» and had no problems in St. Petersburg, and after Anatoly Sobchak in 1996-m lost the election, but Vladimir Putin moved to Moscow. A So those of competitors Icelandic-Russian breweries, however, problems arise time and again. And how! 10 January, 2000 fell victim to killer deputy director of «Baltic» Ilya Weismann, but was killed before the Director General of the dealer company «Baltic» Aslanbek Chochiev.

A Icelandic businessmen meanwhile shown on Russian soil, all new successes. In March 2000, in St. Petersburg was opened Honorary Consulate of Iceland. And honorary consul was appointed … surprise, surprise! – Yes, the same son-billionaire-banker and president of «Bravo International» Tor Bergolfsson. Honorary Vice-Consul became Magnus Tor-Steinsson. At the ceremony on 10 March was attended by Foreign Minister of Iceland Halldor Ásgrimsson and St. Petersburg Governor Vladimir Yakovlev.

In Iceland – with a triumph!

In 2002, the brewery «Bravo International» for $ 400 million was sold to the famous Dutch «Heinecken». A father and son Bergol-TRUCK DESIGN, formerly the home is not known, with great triumph and the capital settled in Iceland.

Today son, Tor Bergolfsson – president of financial services company Straumur-Burgaras, head of investment company Novator, co-owner of the team «Baugur» (Baugur), on offshore networks which journalists have written Danish Ekstra Bladet. The group before the crisis took a leading position in the country’s economy, it belonged to major assets in Denmark and Britain, from clothing to the airlines. And plus – until September 2008, he had already mentioned a co-owner of bankrupt banks. His status for May 2008 was estimated at $ 3.5 billion

As for the father Bergolfura, it is not the last person in Iceland. Just as in Britain. English fans called Bergolfura Gudmandssona «Icelandic Abramovich», because it belongs to the English football team West Ham (in translation from English-«West Ham»).

Offshore bezofshorny paradise

A number of Russian and European media have written that the bankrupt Icelandic banks, in particular, in the same «Kaupting bank» and / or related to any ITC – International Trading Company and Lt.d-lying capital and equity-known Russian companies and businessmen. In particular, for example, money, Alisher Usmanov, who through «Kaupting Bank» bought up shares «Norilsk Nickel». According to rumors, Iceland became a place of application of capital and Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska, and again on rumors, the state oil company «Rosneft». What is our biggest business so attracted a small island nation with a population of 309 thousand people, of whom more than a third live in the capital Reykjavik?

But what. The fact is that in 1999, Iceland’s Parliament passed a law № 31/1999 on International Trading Companies (ITC), who set new rules for taxation and regulation for foreign companies. Under this law, foreign firms that have decided to register for a glorious northern island, subject to extremely low income profit – just 5%, while exempt from property tax and customs revenues. A registration fee – only $ 1400 annually. At the same time as Iceland would not be considered ofshorom-registered on its territory by foreign companies receive the status of customary Icelandic international business. For example, Iceland has become the one hand, a tax haven, which can match unless other offshore, but on the other – to avoid the attention of the international financial supervisors and central banks (including the Russian Central Bank).

But not only that: the very «Kaupting Bank» more acquisitions and other very well-known offshore – the Isle of Man. And, as approved on a domain registered in the British site of the Bank, the banking group provides a full range of financial services, exclusive of Banking to help with investments, including services for the registration of international partners.

More precisely, provided. In 2008, the assets of the banking sector, Iceland is 10 times higher than the country’s GDP. In September 2008, banks collapsed and the country had become bankrupt. Sources claimed that Russian businesses, whose capital uhnuli to divide the Icelandic tax havens, have lost about $ 20 billion.



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